Fragrance Aroma Diffuser (Primeiro Amor)/フレグランスアロマディフューザー(プリメイロアモール)

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価格 : 2,800円(税込3,080円)
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Primero Amor プリメイロアモール

BLEND:Fruity Rose,Lilac,Fruity Cassis
心ときめく恋の始まりを連想させる 繊細であり上品なフルーティーローズと鮮やかさの中に甘酸っぱさを秘めたフルーティーカシスが優しく重なり合いやがて美の象徴ライラックがあなたの魅力をそっと引き出してくれる。純粋な気持ちはやがて実り 花開く 女性の大切な無垢な気持ちを閉じ込めた香り。

Reminiscent of the beginning of the heart throbbing love, harmony of delicate and elegant fruity rose, fruity cassis with hidden bitter sweet in the vividness.  Eventually lilac the symbol of the beauty gently brings out your charm. 
The scent, concentration of pure and precious feeling of the women.



Remove a cap from the bottle. Put supplied reed sticks into the bottle. Enjoy the gentle aroma spreads out from the reed sticks. Flip over the reed sticks two or tree times a week.The scents lasts 1 month to 1 ½ month depends on environments or number of sticks


Flammable. Never use near the flame or heat. Avoid flame, excessive heat, excessive humidity and direct sunlight. This is not food, pay attention to the accidental ingestion. Never use other than the intended use of this product. In case of contact to eye, mouth or skin, wash with running water immediately, see physician if needed. Keep out of reach of children or pets. Please note, if adhere to the objects such as furniture, it may cause discoloration or deformation.